Electrical Grade Insulation Paper

We offer Electrical Grade Insulation Paper ranging from 2 mil, 2.5 mil, 3.0 mil, 4.0 mil, 5.0 mil, 6.0 mil, 7.0 mil, 8.0 mil, 9.0 mil and 10 mil and High density ranges starting from 3HD,4HD, 5HD, 6HD, 7HD & 10HD to meet the Customer standard requirements.

All these are processed in controlled conditions maintaining the conformity in all the stages of processes. TAI produces the insulating paper as per the daily / monthly plan. Various processes involved in producing the insulating paper includes Pulping & Refining, Paper Machine process (Wire, Press part and Dryers), Calendaring & Super calendaring and Re-winding. All the processes are identified and the process mappings of the same are documented which indicate the activities involved in the process and the documents / records generated. The various process specifications documented ensures the smooth implementation of the processes and maintenance of records.

  • Interlayer
  • Conductor covering
  • CT/PT

Our Specialties

  • Exclusive manufacturer of Insulation Kraft paper
  • Customised width upto 2500mm
  • Quick delivery
  • Wide range of grade from 2mil to 10 mil.

Our Strengths

  • Twin layer process(two ply)
  • 6K tons capacity
  • Certified by ERDA
  • First & only Indian manufacturer approved by M/s TOSHIBA and M/s ALSTOM

Typical Properties of Kraft Paper for Transformer Download

World Class Insulation Paper Made in India


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